4'X30" (seats4)    $5.00
6'X30" (seats 6) $7.00
8'x30" (seats 8) $7.00

Round Table
36" round         
48" round (seats 6) $7.00
60" round (seats 8) $ 8.25
72" round (seats 10) $18.00
Cocktail Table ( 36" r) $13.75

Sectional Tables
Half moon table $ 6.00
Serpentine table $6.00
Card Table $ 6.00


Fodling Brown $ 1.25

Folding White $ 2.25

Bistro White $ 2.25

Limited Quanity

White Iron Arm Chair $7.50

White Iron Rose Bistro Chair $ 7.50

Bar Stool  $4.95

Dinnerware Noritake Arctic White

10" Dinner Plate                                    $5.40 per dozen

7" Salad/ Dessert Plate

6" Dessert/Bread & Butter Plate

Pasta Bowl

Cup & Saucer

Coffee Mug

Butter Dish                                                    $1.00 each 

Meat Platters                                                $1.00 each

Veggie Bowls                                                $1.00 each 

    Ask about our square dishes "now available".


Cutlery Oneida/ Julliard          $3.60 Per dozen

Dinner Knife

Dinner Fork


Soup Spoon

Dessert / Salad Fork

Bread & Butter Knife

Damask Spoon

Pickle Fork

Serving Cutlery                            $1.00 each




Glassware                                     $4.80  priced per dozen

      prices subject to change with out notice


Champagne Flute / Saucer

Irish Coffee

Hi Ball

Juice 5oz




Old Fashion

Punch Cup 5oz


Pilsner/ beer glass

Sunday dish

Shooter 2oz

14oz wine

12 oz steamed all purpose

9oz wine

5oz wine

Chair covers     $2.50 per chair cover

Spandex                  Black

Chair Cover             White

Chair Wrap              White and Cream

Linen                inquire about colour size and price  













Napkins $.80 each

Skirting $1.75 per foot


Food Service

Bread baskets                                             $1.00 each

Clearing Buckets                                          $3.00

Dummy waiter                                              $6.00

Frosted Bowl Large                                        3.00

Gray Boat                                                       1.00

Oval Waiting Tray                                           3.00

Relish Tray                                                     1.00

Salt & Pepper shaker sets                         2.00 per set

Stainless Bowls                                            1.00

Salmon tray                                                    3.00

Stainless trays  square / round / oval             3.00

Sliver Cake knife set                               12.00 per set

Silver Pedestal cake stand                           25.00

Silver four tiered cup cake stand                  75.00

Silver three tired tray                                    50.00

Sliver and rhinestone two tired tray              25.00 

Wine carafes                                                  1.00

Chafing Pan 12qut                                        12.00

Chafing Pan 16qut                                        16.00 

Chafing Pan 18 qut                                       18.00

Extra inserts                                                  3.00each

1/3 pans


shallow full

Beep full

Beverage Service

Beer tubs                                              12.00 each

Thermal Carrier 100 cup                       15.00

5 Gallon Water Jug                               15.00

Punch Bowl glass                                   3.00

Silver Punch Bowl                                 12.00

Punch Jar                                             12.00

Punch dispenser with spicked              12.00


50 cup                                                  35.00

100 cup                                                55.00

Coffee Urns

36 cup                                                   8.00

50 cup                                                  10.00

100 cup                                                15.00

Tea Pot                                                  8.00each

24 cup

12 cup

8 cup

Bev Jugs /water pitcher                          2.00each


Glass looking

Stainless steel


BBQ /Outdoor Supplies

2'x4' propane BBQ (propane not  included)                     $125.00

Hog Master with Propane                                         $135.00

20x20 Tent with four window walls (customer set u    )  $235.00

Propane Burner                                                          $15.00

Large Pot corn/Lobster with lid and insert                  $15.00

Black Iron Obelisks                                                     $15.00

Black Iron Arch              $65.00 Decorating package $120.00

Black Iron Gate                                                           $65.00

Lattice screen white                                                      $25.00

Lattice Arch                    $65.00 Decorating package $120.00

Lattice Podium                                                              $25.00

Lattice plant stands                                                       $12.00

White Corinthian columns 72"high                                $15.00

White Corinthian columns 36"high      $6.00

Trees with min lights                                                    $15.00

Urns                                                                                 $6.00




Coat Rack with 50 Hangers                                  $25.00

Air balloon filler                                                      $10.00

Christmas Tree decorated                                   $175.00

Pop Corn Machine with cart                                                 $95.00

Wedding Envelop holder Gazebo                          $25.00

Small Bird cage                                                     $50.00

Large Brid cage decorated                                    $75.00

Oriental Ball                                                            $25.00

Glass bowl                                                              $75.00

Large Mirror 24"x36"                                               $50.00

Chalk Board 24"x36                                                $50.00

Large Chalk Board 24"x60"                                     $75.00

Ivory Iron hurricane candle Stands                         $15.00

Ivory Iron draped backdrop 8'x10'                        $120.00

Linen Care

Please note and comply with the following information regarding linen.  Customer is responsible for replacement of any lost or damages linen (pen, marker, wax, mildew, missing linen and burn holes).If there is a problem with linen PLEASE contact us to make changes.

Please do not place wet linen in clear bag.

Never return linen in garbage bag

Return linen in bins or clear bag provided.

BBQ Start Up &Care

Attach propane hose to propane outlet on BBQ. Turn burner on high turn propane on and ignite BBQ. Stand Back from burners when igniting.

If BBQ does not ignite turn everything back to the off position and disconnect propane hose. Begin again some time holes freeze when propane is turn on.

Add water to try at bottom of dome BBQ before starting up BBQ.

When finished BBQing scrap grills. Turn off BBQ and detach all hoses empty water tray when BBQ has cooled down.  

Pricing /Replacement Fee

All prices and quotes are one day rates unless other wise specified. Prices are subject to change with out notice.

On booking your rentals for your event you are required to give a valid Visa or Master card and a 50% Deposit to hold your rentals. This is not refundable this is to insure all rentals return in the same condition that they were rented. Upon return we will check rentals and notify customer of any damaged or missing ideas. Customer is given one week to return before credit card is charged for missing ideas.

Delivery/ Pick Up/ Set up and Decorating

Rates for all deliveries and pick ups will be quoted upon request. Delivery and Pick Up are to ground level. There is an additional charge for up and down stairs and hills. Table chairs and rentals are to be packed up and stacked ready for pick up if left outside rentals need to be covered so as not to be damaged by weather. 

Driver needs clear direction and access to delivery location loading dock, driveway, carport, tent, etc. 

Decorating is provided upon request with a decorating fee  (3/hour minimum )   

Reservation /Deposits

To ensure availability of your rentals Please place your order three to four months before your event, to insure you have what you need. Changes can be made up to 14 days before your event. 50% Deposit is due on the day you place your order this is not refundable. Final payment is due week of event or on day of pick up.